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From impending pressure of the Web 2.0, Website Optimization, and general gut feeling, I’ve changed my blog template. Every time a blog owner changes his/her template, I groan inwardly. I always think, “Well, that’s fine Charley-Bob, but what’s wrong with the old one!?” Except I don’t really think those exact words, because the owner’s name might not be Charley-Bob. Regardless, you get the gist. Since I don’t really read my blog much, my opinion on my theme doesn’t really count much. So, general opinion will decide.

This week, I will be putting out at least three new themes to try them out. Feel free to give any feedback whatsoever. Actually, if you want to pretend that I am a psychiatrist and you are sitting on a couch saying whatever comes to your mind, go right ahead. Just remember that I don’t have a Ph. D. in psychiatry, so I won’t be much of a help thataways.

As for my own ideas, I’ll save them until Theme Week® is over. Until then… 10-4.