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Wow. Thanksgiving vacation just a’rolled away. Synopsis follows:

  1. A day before holiday begins, my youngest sis’ is admitted into a hospital due to not being able to eat for nine days
  2. Days 1 and 2 – Spent in the hospital trying to cheer up poor Skippy (nickname); it’s awfully hard to do that when brain surgery seems likely
  3. Day 3 – Brain surgery is cancelled, Skippy is released, and vacation really starts–
  4. –or not. All of my sisters have caught a vicious flu!
  5. Day 4 – Spent in my room studying, staying away from said flu
  6. Day 5 – The Christmas Treeā„¢ is brought out and adorned; three puppet shows are given by Skippy and me to the entire family
  7. Day 6 – Skippy is sick again. Possibly going to be sent back to the hospital

I will say this, that of all the unique holidays ever experienced by mankind, this could compete. Maybe not win, but compete.

Which is more restful? College — quizzes, tests, papers, speeches, friends; Home — illness, flu, illness, hospital, illness, family? To be continued… (or, the dual-personality of daquell. Up next!)