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After years of silence, Daquell returns to life. I never thought this blog would be resurrected, but when my wife wanted server space, it was no problem pointing my address ( to a subfolder and getting setup.

How much has changed since my last post? Lots:

  • Marriage
  • Pets (2 rats, 2 cats, 1 dog)
  • Moving (3 times)
  • Occupation change (3 times)

I remember when I started all of this, back in 2005. It was entitled Reckless Abandon: Daquell. That aptly described my life—reckless, and living with wild abandon. Others may have nicer things to say about me, but I’ll be the authority on what was going on in my heart.

During my college years, the title changed. Spontaneous Scholar. My posting was definitely spontaneous! God was shaping me into something less reckless. Something more… thoughtful, in tune with Him and less in tune with my wants.

Now I relaunch. God is working on me and shall work on my until I die, and so now I return as the Ponderous Pastor. Join me as I tackle life’s problems deep and light, share tech news that you won’t get elsewhere, and give brief updates on life at a small church in PA.