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And a relevant, hands-on, real-world Valentine’s day (sorry, I keep getting college applications that say that their college is more relevant, hands-on and real-world than any other, so I figure that those adjectives are really good ones to use).

To compensate for the fact that I can’t give out Valentine’s day gifts over the internet… here’s some eye candy for everyone:

Forgive me for a little childish activity, but I only get one shot at being a kid. Therefore, I am glad to announce the finished audio-novel, The Boxcar Children – The Pizza Mystery. (note to licence owner… this isn’t being sold or distributed, it’s for personal use)

While the reading level of this book, or the series for that matter, are under my level, recording the book was an great deal of fun. If you ever want to learn how to manipulate sound files, edit voice recordings, or mix vocal and sound files, recording an audio book is a good place to start.

Thanks sis, for wasting endless amounts of time putting up with my antics and producing this book!

Pardon my obsession with the up-and-coming website that I’ve been feverishly working on, but today I was informed that it, my incomplete site, is at the top of Google’s page listing if you search for certain terms! I’m elated; Google usually puts sites on a backlog that takes months to even get a decent rating, and here I am with a top score! Parfaits all around!

edit –
In the five minutes or so since I’ve published this, my site has been knocked down the Google chain to rest somewhere in the middle of the ranking page. Still, it’s there, which is more than I could say yesterday!

NITEGames – Google Search

Reading back through my blog, I realized than many of my posts were geared towards to future. As much as I hate it, my life seems to be following the same pattern that all youth go through… all people, for that matter, whether young or old. We start young and want to get older, and get old and wish to be younger. Even knowing that, I still want to be older.

There seem to be so many advantages to being a man, as opposed to ‘young man’, or youth, or whatever. As a young man, people tend to not trust you, they tend to misjudge your wisdom, and they often avoid you. Adults don’t seem to have this problem.

Ah well. It will come soon enough, and I’ll be on the other side of the fence looking back.

Continuing my ongoing posts on cake, I’ll comment on the special chocolate poundcake my older sister made tonight. It was rich, richer than can possibly be imagined. Actually, it even put cheesecake to shame.

What happened was actually a mistake. From what I can figure out, there were so many chocolate-chips in the batter that they prevented the mixture from fully cooking. The crust, on the other hand, baked mightily and hardened like a rock. After sawing through the rich outside, the gooey inside was too much temptation to resist… after two pieces, I’m never eating chocolate cake again… urgh.

Continuing my dreadful postings of my life (it just hit me… a blog is all about me; like somebody would want to read that!), I’m starting two more blogs to diversify, creating a grand total of six blogs (two of which are private corporate blogs, which will be released to the public some time after March 2). One of the new blogs will be a list of developments towards the release of the new NITEGames website, and the other will be an attempt to document and expound on every verse in the Bible, KJV.

The NITEGames blog will be located at
The Bible documentary will be located elsewhere, but I haven’t set it up yet.

As a side note, we had apple pie tonight. It was a winner of the day!

– Except for sometimes.

Sorry, just borrowing a Kerry tactic there.

Actually, the only reason I broke my rule of one post a day (or less) is because I found, on a liberal site, this excellent article on Cindy Sheehan. I really feel for the lady; she lost her son in the Iraq war, after all. But losing a loved one gives a person no more rights to vet against a good government any more than stumbling gives a person rights to vet against gravity.

Anyway, these are my beliefs, they don’t have to be yours, they should be though… maybe I should stop before I get into too much trouble…

I give every project of yours five stars. There is nobody happier, more committed, or more enthusiastic about your products than I.

However, the idea of a Linux distribution branded with your name sends chills up my spine. There are countless distributions of Linux, ranging from professional to ludicrous. I fear that your endeavour would only be a drop in the bucket.

Furthermore, if your plans for OS domination succeeded (even though I would consider your current accomplishments a fine success), the world would be shaken. If Windows goes, computers will also go. Two OS’s cannot coincide peacefully; either Windows or your offering will rise, and the other will fail. If yours fails, it will be the first of Google to lose; if Windows falls, the unimaginable will happen. A patchwork-quilt of mis-knit OS’s, a petty collection of warlords and their followers.


Hello, this is just a shoutout to anyone who cares. I downloaded the IE7 Beta today, and it works like a charm! I now have CSS support and tabbed browsing! However, if you’re an avid Blogger user, don’t get the beta. It doesn’t work well with Blogger…

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, ignore this post. You’ll understand in a few months. :)

Howdy everyone! Apart from work, school, work, and school, I’ve turned a friend of mine into a blogger. His screenname is Miles (it could be his real name too, but then that would ruin his identity), and his blog is Inside A Box One Day… . Happy reading!