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Because Oranges are better than Nuts, an Orange Peel must be better than a Nutshell.

My four most significant events of 2008 follow. While a good blog post will not be written quickly, this one is, purposefully. This way, the four most readily available, or the most impactful, events of 2008 should come to my mind.

  1. Africa! Aballah, Cameroon! Only 13 days, but my life will never be the same. The wealthy, the poor, the crowded, the spacious, the Christian and the heathen all together, this first time of leaving the country will be forever cemented in my brain.
  2. Pulpit Speech. For this one, I only have three main points and then I’ll be done. 1) We notice the Training of this class. When I finish it in May, hopefully my sermons will be more able to reach God’s people. 2) We notice the Timelessness of this class. The things I learn now will still be in use when I preach as an older man. 3) We notice finally the Teacher of this class. Mr. McGonigal is an amazing man.
  3. The blooding. This year, I got my sword. Shortly thereafter, I christnened the blade unplanned when I sliced three fingers, one to the bone. The nerves have not yet grown back, and my piano playing is not where it was. Perhaps not a repeatable experience, but a very memorable one as my roommates helped me do even basic events like getting dressed.
  4. I kissed the teen years goodbye. Note that this is logical reckoning. Imaginative reckoning still plants me solidly in the teen league, though I sometimes lapse into fits of adulthood.

As I wipe away a tear for 2008, I look forward to a frabjous 2009. What were some of your most memorable experiences of the past year?

Does the title need any more explanation?