Wrapping up a Semester

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Today I took the final two quizzes for my two hardest classes. Next stop: final exams.

It sure seems as if this semester has flown. At a slow rate, of course. Thinking back over everything that has been accomplished, however, it definitely looks full and long. And next semester looms ahead-aaah. Mustn’t think about that now.

Fourteen more days to go until Christmas vacation begins, and much must occur ere the sun sets on this semester. Tests to take, presents to purchase, various graduating friends to bid farewell. And a classical guitar concert… more on that later.

Next up… Movie Review: Enchanted. I pity you guys with no sisters!

Post Trivia: Identify the dog below and you will be rewarded with 2,000 g/1g, legal tender anywhere north of Cray. Which doesn’t really exist as a nation. But, anyway… it’s the status that counts.
Name this dog for: 2,000 cool points

Name this dog for: 2,000 cool points

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