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I did not sleep the night before. That is actually a lie, because I did sleep for a couple of hours or so. However, sleep is difficult when one goes to bed three or four hours early. However, sleep or no sleep, when I woke up (or… didn’t, because I wasn’t asleep), it was Christmas!

This is possibly the most enjoyable Christmas I have ever personally experienced. I cannot say it is the best Christmas ever, because that is far too cliche, and also, the best Christmas was the first Christmas, when Christ came to earth to redeem men from their sin. Apart from that Christmas, though, this was the best.

The following items were bestowed upon me:

  • The first season of Hogan’s Heroes
  • All 17 episodes of the ooold George of the Jungle series (with SuperChicken!)
  • Four Don Knotts movies
  • A solid pound of gaming dice — see below for explanation
  • A happy red shirt (as opposed to the sad red shirt that is pining away in my closet)
  • Two ties to complement said shirt
  • A pair of jeans

All in all, I got all that I wanted and nothing that I didn’t want.

A note must be inserted concerning the gaming dice. I do not gamble. They are role-playing dice. Some may have trouble rectifying a conservative, Bible-believing pastor-in-training being a Dungeon Master, but I can promise you that one can morally be both. I could even prove it from Scripture. If you cannot role-play in good conscience, though, don’t start doing it for my sake. One of my next posts will present my view of RPGs.

I hope you had a merry Christmas!

Today I took the final two quizzes for my two hardest classes. Next stop: final exams.

It sure seems as if this semester has flown. At a slow rate, of course. Thinking back over everything that has been accomplished, however, it definitely looks full and long. And next semester looms ahead-aaah. Mustn’t think about that now.

Fourteen more days to go until Christmas vacation begins, and much must occur ere the sun sets on this semester. Tests to take, presents to purchase, various graduating friends to bid farewell. And a classical guitar concert… more on that later.

Next up… Movie Review: Enchanted. I pity you guys with no sisters!

Post Trivia: Identify the dog below and you will be rewarded with 2,000 g/1g, legal tender anywhere north of Cray. Which doesn’t really exist as a nation. But, anyway… it’s the status that counts.
Name this dog for: 2,000 cool points

Name this dog for: 2,000 cool points