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Monday, August 4, 2008

As a youngin’, I often get tired of hearing older people whine about the “good old days,” when even your enemies went out of their way to be nice to you, when you could get seven pounds of chocolate for a penny, and when your kids could play outside by themselves, even in the middle of the road or in the county jailhouse, without any danger of being bothered. It’s probably some rite of passage that youth have to go through. Probably, when I’m older, I’ll bother my kids about the “good old days,” when gas was only $4.00 a gallon.

I do not yet wish to join the small subset of elderly folk who only think backwards. However, there is one area of life that seems to have changed for the worse: gaming. Well, not the games, per se. It is the gamers who are at fault. See, it used to be in the (*sigh*) good old days that a game would be full of mind-bending puzzles coupled with a great story-line. Almost every non-arcade game had puzzles in it, and they required intellect, skill, and the ability to see things from different angles. Most importantly, they required imagination. In those days, one couldn’t necessarily see the old chest and its multi-faceted lock… a green-and-black monitor just couldn’t dish out enough resolution. But, in the mind, one could see it clearly, and one could come up with a viable solution to unlock the chest. Yes, sometimes it took hours or days. But that was the fun of it! These days, most games seem to be quick and easy. Diablo, Battlefield 1942, World of WarCraft… the “puzzles” in these games take, at most, a few hours to accomplish. True, they have other time-wasting perks, but the element of hard-thought is gone.

Not in shame I admit that I miss the old days. Give me Mystery House, Quest for Glory, Space Quest… I’ll give you every graphics-pumping no-brainer game we have today.

-Changed “lame-story-lined” to “no-brainer” as pointed out by Ed.


  1. Ed says:

    I don’t know. Diablo has a great story line even if there isn’t a lot of puzzles. Though I agree with you, games now seem more about this one has the best graphics etc.and not story lines look at two worlds for a example.

  2. Wraith Daquell says:

    You are correct; I wrote “lame-story-lined,” but my argument wasn’t even related to the story line! (this is what happens when I write hastily)

    Games today have fantastic story-lines. What was I thinking? What they lack are intuitive puzzles.

  3. C10ud says:

    Rather random this is, but for some reason I got the impression you were against open-source products… or perhaps that was just linux. I just couldn’t help but noticing that you use wordpress for your blog 😉

  4. Wraith Daquell says:

    lol You have hit upon my strategy. I leach. WordPress is excellent software; actually, it’s the least ‘open source’ of anything I’ve seen, considering not only the corporate support but also its small-to-non-existent drive against proprietary software. WordPress just is, it doesn’t seem to stand for anything.

    But anyway, even if it did… I leach. They won’t get any funding from me. Every time I upgrade, I use their bandwidth. It’s the same with Ubuntu: sending me CD’s and letting me download copy after copy costs them… not me. It’s an evil strategy! :#

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