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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

While killing time (precious time! O, Time that I Do Not Have!) yesterday, I noticed a small section of links at the bottom of my favorite search engine. One for advertising… a complete disappointment. One for developers… not currently useful, though I like knowing Microsoft already has such APIs out.

And then, “Hold the phone! Count to Ten! Kill the fatted calf!” A link designed for me (and you, possibly) – Webmasters. Although the interface is not quite as intuitive as Google’s Webmaster Tools, I’ll cut the big M some slack; they are still rather new to this whole “open and free with everyone” racket. It may not be quite as intuitive, but’s webmaster dashboard gets the job done. From it, a webmaster can finally (finally!) submit websites and sitemaps directly to the MSN search bot. No more nail-biting and early-morning stress wondering if Microsoft knows about all-important websites like

As per my earlier predictions sprinkled all over this blog, I continue to conclude that Microsoft is making a come-back. They are beginning to focus on the minutia. Look out, Mr. G. Mr. M is back in the game.

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