End of a Cat

Sunday, July 27, 2008

After a whirlwind trip to the Cameroon in Africa (details on another site), we returned home with spirits bounding high with reckless abandon. Thirty-six hours of airplanes and rented vans has the tendency to do that to a person. So, there we were, as happy asย mantisis in an ant migration, when the hammer struck the anvil.



Our cat, Lila, was struck by a car this afternoon. We buried her not two hours after our arrival. Unlike most cats, she never hissed or clawed, even when children were pulling her fur. She obeyed when needed, meowed when spoken to, and accompanied us often as a bedroom pal. She was also the only animal I have ever entertained the thought of keeping when I move out in two years.

Farewell, Lila. You will be missed greatly.


  1. Exjay says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. She seems like a nice cat. Pretty ears, too.

    It feels wrong to say this on the same post, but er, well, Happy Birthday.

  2. Wraith Daquell says:

    Thank you very much! It’s strange not being a teen any more…

    It’s also strange not having a cat any more. We’ll just have to find ourselves a new one.

  3. Exjay says:

    Er, well, over here we used to have cats wandering around. We still do in the backyard but not in the front yard due to Eevee.

    So does it feel any different being two decades old? Compared to being a day short of two decades old, I mean. =P

  4. Wraith Daquell says:

    Oh, it feels worlds different. The instant I was twenty, my back started giving me problems, I lost 38.7% of my energy, and I started saying weird things like “back when I was a boy we used to…” ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Exjay says:

    Bank problems? I finally got myself my own account recently (my college gave me a check for interning and I had to have a personal account) and it was awful how many hours I had to wait. I think I spent three hours sitting there waiting for them to process me.

    I shall watch for these symptoms when I am about to turn twenty, so that I can record it for research purposes. =P

    Incidentally, I was reading the Operation Cameroon blog, and I wondered if your name had Monty Python connections. Just asking. =D

  6. Wraith Daquell says:

    I don’t believe so… though my dad is a profuse quoter of Monty Python. It’s either Scottish or Irish… or both… or neither. It depends on which family member you ask! ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Exjay says:

    The Life of Brian? xD
    At least my family members are consistent on where my name came from… Dad heard it from some show and thought it’d be a nice name. =___=

  8. Wraith Daquell says:

    Ah. I thought you were referring to my surname. My first name… I’m not sure where that came from. I think my mom just thought it up one day. I’ll have to ask her.

    It would be neat to be named after a TV character. Assuming, of course, that it is a powerful character. And assuming that it’s a good guy and not the villain. ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Exjay says:

    Oh, the character is a good one. A young girl who enters some sort of puppetland with her puppet-toy, I think. I watched it years ago and barely remember it. And of course in TV shows of the past era young girls would hardly ever be powerful, though she was the protagonist of the story.

    Was there much excitement over the Beijing Olymics opening ceremony over there? Our newspaper reports that for restaurants and hawker food centers without TVs, there were hardly any customers last night.

  10. Wraith Daquell says:

    Actually, the Olympics are not much of a to-do here… at least where I live. I think America is bored of the Olympics; when you have troops away protecting thankless other countries for years, and the rest of the world thinks that your country is scum, it sort of makes you want to not do anything international. However, in some parts of the country, I think the games are immensely popular.

    What about over there? Since you’re closer physically to the games than I am, has it hit M’asia harder? I’m not sure of the standings… has your country won anything yet? I think we won — er — something.

  11. Exjay says:

    Your country has won medals for women’s fencing and men’s freestyles, from the top of my head. There is much excitement here over the Olympics because “Yay, China is hosting and we must support the Motherland. ”

    I don’t think we’ve won anything, badminton women’s doubles having lost to Korea and Men’s Archery losing to Italy (Yes, I have been following the games).

    I don’t think your country is scum, possibly aided by the twin facts that a) I have been there and b) I want to go there to study. And well, with governments, I believe that ALL governments have people saying that they suck, whether they actually do suck or not.

    What is the deal with protecting other countries though? The logic evades me since we don’t hear much about Iraq that isn’t twisted and Vietnam was too long ago. (The atom bombs on Japan did stop them from killing us all =x)

  12. Wraith Daquell says:

    Hey, thanks for the update! After you mentioned it, I started watching the Olympics a bit more… and they are more exciting than I expected. China did very well today in the water; they got at least a gold and a silver that I saw.

    I guess there’s something about people that makes them hate any kind of war, whether good or bad. Also, it’s pretty understandable that countries don’t like American interference… I wouldn’t want Russia invading us just to “set things right.” However, in cases of tyranny (like Iraq) where the women are treated like less-than-humans and the culture is seeped in anti-Western doctrine, it’s necessary. Of course, I’m a little biased, being American. But anyway… ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. Exjay says:

    I note that we are turning this post into a chatbox of sorts. xD

    The predictions for Olympics on our papers seems to be holding true: You guys have most medals, but China has most gold. They do seem to be putting their all into this event, and so far the worst complaint is that the kid who appeared to sing some song at the opening was not the actual kid that sang the song. Righteous-wrath-inducing, in terms of fairness, but methinks that telling kids that it shouldn’t be like that would be pure hypocrisy.

    The thing about wars is that no matter the outcome, there is a lot of pain and bloodshed involved, even if the end would justify it. The strange thing is, it has been pointed out that what Iraq does to their womenfolk (and Saudi Arabia, which I will return to later) is not supported by the Quran. (Since we are technically a Muslim country, we get more of that.) It was only bosoms that had to be covered, and their Prophet’s wife was a merchant. Probably the whole twisting of doctrines at work again?

    On Saudi Arabia: There was this piece in the papers today, in the section with interesting stuff from around the world. It stated that in Saudi Arabia, there is no minimum age for marriage, meaning that parents could “marry” their daughter off at age 1, to be consummated when she’s in her teens. It also mentioned a wedding between an 11 year old boy and a 10 year old girl, which seems to be common as well.
    Poor kids.

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