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After a whirlwind trip to the Cameroon in Africa (details on another site), we returned home with spirits bounding high with reckless abandon. Thirty-six hours of airplanes and rented vans has the tendency to do that to a person. So, there we were, as happy as mantisis in an ant migration, when the hammer struck the anvil.



Our cat, Lila, was struck by a car this afternoon. We buried her not two hours after our arrival. Unlike most cats, she never hissed or clawed, even when children were pulling her fur. She obeyed when needed, meowed when spoken to, and accompanied us often as a bedroom pal. She was also the only animal I have ever entertained the thought of keeping when I move out in two years.

Farewell, Lila. You will be missed greatly.

This week marks the launch of yet another blog… this time, for our family mission trip to Cameroon.

I would go into a lengthy dissertation about preparing for the trip here, but I suppose that sort of thing is best done on the trip’s blog itself. So, without further ado, ready to visit Africa?

While killing time (precious time! O, Time that I Do Not Have!) yesterday, I noticed a small section of links at the bottom of my favorite search engine. One for advertising… a complete disappointment. One for developers… not currently useful, though I like knowing Microsoft already has such APIs out.

And then, “Hold the phone! Count to Ten! Kill the fatted calf!” A link designed for me (and you, possibly) – Webmasters. Although the interface is not quite as intuitive as Google’s Webmaster Tools, I’ll cut the big M some slack; they are still rather new to this whole “open and free with everyone” racket. It may not be quite as intuitive, but’s webmaster dashboard gets the job done. From it, a webmaster can finally (finally!) submit websites and sitemaps directly to the MSN search bot. No more nail-biting and early-morning stress wondering if Microsoft knows about all-important websites like

As per my earlier predictions sprinkled all over this blog, I continue to conclude that Microsoft is making a come-back. They are beginning to focus on the minutia. Look out, Mr. G. Mr. M is back in the game.