Trespassing Teens

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Following close on the heels of the mysterious truck crash, another unsettling event has befallen our quiet neighborhood:

It’s late at night, and I hear a thumping coming from the corner of our house. I assume my sisters are taking the dog out. This close to midnight? The thumps continue… and then I hear my sisters talking downstairs. If it isn’t them, who is it? I decide to find out.

My dad and sisters are downstairs, looking out the windows. I grab a club and go outside, spooking them. They take off across the road into our neighbor’s yard (the same neighbors with the ditch). They refers to two teenage boys who apparently have never read any good books on burglarly or stealth… they are walking openly across our neighbor’s lawn wearing white shirts and tan shorts. They cross one lawn… two… three. I stand and watch them.

Suddenly, a voice calls out. “What are you kids doing!?” A neighbor has seen the hooligans. They take off down the road and turn a corner. The neighbor and I meet briefly in the road before he jumps into his car and gives chase. I stay behind to see if they loop back. In the meanwhile, I go into the house and get a Maglight and my sword.

Minutes pass, and the neighbor finally comes back. “They tore some fence posts down and laid them across the road,” he says. “I threw them into the ditch.” We bid each other goodnight. “Crazy kids…” I hear him mutter.

One more thing. Our other neighbor has teenage kids. Not ten minutes after this happened, a car pulled into their driveway. A man got out (whether teenager or not, I am not sure), crossed the lawn, and went inside. Coincidence? Maybe…

At any rate, I was up until 3:00 AM making sure they didn’t come back. With all the excitement going on around here, who needs sleep?

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