“Tome: of Sword and Dagger” RPG Forum

Saturday, June 28, 2008

After many long and trepidacious hours of coding, searching, hunting, and gathering, I offer now a replacement for the venerable but broken How To Be A Hero forums: Tome: of Sword and Dagger. Obviously, the user-base is rather small seeing as the site was just launched. However, I anticipate it growing to normal proportions soon.

Away, away!
The trumpets are calling!
Away, away!
The wheels of time rolling!
Away, away!
The war gongs are booming!
Away, away, away!

Lost in the forested hills in a clearing,
Lost in the bramble of all new and old,
Found all a’never but to those a’searching,
Questing Hall waits for adventurers bold.

Come, all ye weary. Come, see my cheer.
Eat of my food and get rest in my bed.
Come, though ye wander afar or a’near.
Your feet find a footstool, a pillow, your head.

Away, away!
The horses are neighing!
Away, away!
The armor is shining!
Away, away!
Yet come back ere morning!
Away, away, away!

Come, friend. Adventure with us from the Questing Hall of Tome: Sword and Dagger.

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