An Upset Dog

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tonight our dog started barking his warning bark. Not his angry bark, just his warning bark. That could mean that a leaf smacked the outside of the garage door, or it could mean that someone is skulking about on the driveway.

I’ve been downstairs twice, and outside once, trying to put an end to this. I need to sleep tonight. Two 3:00 AM mornings is all I’d like to handle, thank you.

Not that the hooligans who are meddling around will read this, but if you do,┬ábe ye warned: if anything on my family’s property is damaged, I will not stop hunting you until you repay it; if anyone in my family is hurt, I will not rest until you are begging for your life… if I even let you live.


  1. I hate such people too… I do not have a dog or a house but mostly young people, who are damaging everything they see because they want to look cool by destroying public property, are sitting under my block of flats and they are very noisy. I almost can understand every word they say even if I’m on the 9-th floor. Then a guy starts to shout out of his window, the children start to curse on that guy, the guy curses the kids and it all happens in the middle of the night. Than the children go away, because some people call the police and they do not want to mess with them.
    I do not understand. My parents let me be out till only 9 PM even now, when I have 21 years. But now, it is normal for 14 years old children to be out even till the morning… The children nowadays do not respect their own parents and then such hooligans turn out of them…

  2. Wraith Daquell says:

    It is rather disconcerting.

    One thing I think I should clear up (and I apologize for any misconceptions) is that I don’t *hate* the people causing the trouble… their parents obviously failed in raising them, and though the teens are old enough to be responsible for their actions, I do not hate the teens. What I *do* hate is the teens’ actions. And, I will go to any measure to prevent them from hurting my family.

    While my parents (and yours, too, it sounds like) are trying to raise their kids right; most parents seem to be failing in that area, and their kids grow up to be trouble-makers.

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