7 Musings on Windows 7

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Over the past month or so, website after website has rolled out review after review of “Windows 7.” Of course, everything they say is almost pure postulation; with Windows Vista barely weened of its first year and Vista SP1 only recently released, any news of a new operating system from Redmond is tentative at best.

However, as a seasoned OS tester, I have a few ideas myself. Disclaimer: These are only my ideas. I don’t know the future yet.

  1. Windows 7 will not be “modular,” contrary to popular belief. Microsoft will harden the NT kernel from Vista, and they will probably get it ready for modularization, but it itself will not be modular yet.
  2. Windows 7 APIs will not be dramatically different. Microsoft cannot afford to break compatibility by changing all of its APIs.
  3. Windows 7 will probably be an interim release; it will prepare people for the amazingness that will be Windows 8.
  4. A widget engine will likely be included in Windows 7, with a dashboard probably similar to Yahoo’s.
  5. Windows 7 will include a new version of Internet Explorer… and probably not IE8.
  6. Security as we know it will be changed with version 7. Hackers, beware. Your time will have come.
  7. The perks of Linux will start to look less perky. A sleeping giant has awakened in the bowels of Redmond. Penguins, beware.

Some of this is pure speculation, and some is not. However, I am most confident that the major paradigm shift in Windows computing will wait at least until version 8. By then, touchscreens will be more common, RAM should not be an issue, and more people will have broadband Internet. Anticipate great things from Windows 7, but the true amazement starts with Windows 8; speculations on that coming up soon.

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