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Yeah, my server was down for a day and a half.

But, thanks to my faithful family server crew, it’s back up again, as you can see.

That is what this post is: invisible. Or, rather, what it would be if it went the way of the other three posts I was going to write in the past few days.

Yet another month has gone by without leaving its mark on my blog. However, hardly a week goes by without leaving a mark on me: mentally, physically, and spiritually. Though most things fade (memories, scars, etc.), hopefully the lessons one learns throughout life will not disappear. In the following three posts, I shall relate three lessons in mental, physical, and spiritual exercise, respectively, that I have learned during my hiatus in Real LifeĀ©

Posts on personal matters are among the most boring to read, granted. They happen also to be the easiest to write. Whether a post-less blog or a boring blog is more profitable only time shall tell.