End of Theme Week

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Well, now I’ve got to sit down and figure out which of the three themes will work. The break-down:

  • AquaTheme – Definitely original. Not too hard on the eyes. Nice, mute colors.
  • Black-n-Blue – The fastest theme I have. It downloads in three seconds compared to the others, which take ten to fifteen. The white text on the black background strains the eyes, though.
  • Blue-Green – A nice, concise theme. It takes a little while to load, but it has some nice gradients and colors.

I want the content to be king of the blog, not the colors or the theme. Actually, the perfect theme for me is one that visitors don’t even notice. Currently, that seems to me to be the Black-n-Blue theme. However, eye-strain is a big issue, and white-on-black text does strain the eyes. Comments, suggestions, insults, money? I’ll take them all now if anyone has any to give.

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