Dark Statistics

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Or, more appropriately, in the dark statistics.

The crew played flashlight tag tonight for the first time in months. I go off to school and come back, and my little flashlight taggers have grown up. We had a good turnout: eight whole people showed up. While not as good as previous years, where we had as many as sixteen kids running around the yard screaming after dark, it was quite good considering KnightGames has been disbanded. A neighbor heard me trying to scare some of the players into blowing their cover; she thought I was a burglar and called my parents (we were playing in our yard, though). After my mom explained to her what was going on, she started laughing really loud (probably relief). Then she came out and said hello to all of us.

Oh, yeah, statistics. We scoffed at our long standing standard of one to one-and-a-half hours for the competition; tonight’s games were two hours long! If I had my software handy, I’d make a perky little graph, but this here box of XP doesn’t have anything like that. So, a list is in order:

  • 5 min – first round is under-way. Players are happy and rarin’ to go (+10 excitement).
  • 20 min – round two ends. As confident players get more confident, un-confident players get less confident. (+9)
  • 50 min – beginning of round 5. Somebody asks for the time. (+6)
  • 1:15 min – end of round 7. A long lull follows. Players usually get restless and start a boy-vs-girl wrestling match*. Somebody suggests another game. (+4 for tag, +8 for wrestling or a faster-paced game)
  • 1:40 min – beginning of round 8. This will be the last round. Nobody has patience to play. The men usually go on a sacrificial run to allow the ladies to get to base. Someone climbs a tree. (-1 for tag, +7 for stopping or getting a snack)

So, as time progresses, interest in the tag rounds decreases. We’re usually at our best if we end at about one hour. Then, after the wrestling match ensues, we all go home.

*During the wrestling matches, the men do not attack the ladies except for their sisters. Consequently, the men always lose…

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