Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I learned my first Chinese two days ago. Now I can say thank you to every Chinese person I meet.

However, that knowledge was useless in my speech, which happens to be over. And it went, if not well, at least tolerably okay. I lost my train-of-thought a few times, resulting in some awkward pauses that caused even my teacher to glace up at me. Despite those, it may have gone well. Only Friday will tell. For, of course, the grade comes Friday.

And if anyone is interested, I am taking too many credit-hours next semester to learn Chinese. Even though I’d rather learn Chinese than almost anything. Except maybe Japanese, which isn’t offered here for credit.

Just a status-quo update. Continue on your merry lives with that knowledge that I’m starting another blog… a tech blog, of all things, which I should have started years ago.

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