Lila and List

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our family now owns a cat, named Lila. Despite my sisters’ notion that our dog is better, I like her best. For one thing, she doesn’t shed hair all over the house. For another, she keeps herself clean and smelling good, which is apparently too much to ask of our dear pooch Andy.

Between my last post and this one, many exciting events have happened; exiting so much, in fact, that I was too busy being excited to actually post about them:

  • My oldest sister got crushed by a falling recliner, suffered a concussion, and was unable to take any of this semester’s final exams. She must make them up next year.
  • My oldest sister had knee surgery, immobilizing her and confining her to the couch where she is strapped to a circulator.
  • My mom got a B in Anatomy and Physiology. Scary to have a genius for a mother…
  • I got better grades this semester than the last two. Probably because my classes were easier…
  • I got a shot at the doctor’s office.
  • I got a phone-call saying that the shot I got was the wrong one, and I will have to go back and get another.

Many other exciting things exist on the horizon: seven more vaccinations I get to take before school starts, rolling out an alpha version of my transcript designer program (written in C# for you technically minded folk), and rolling out three–yes, three–new blogs: one for my technical musings, one for my fictional musings (co-written by my sister), and one for my sister alone. Yessiree, it’s been a busy week.


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