The RADio Days

Monday, November 12, 2007

I remember when my grandparents used to tell me about the old days, the good ole’ days, in fact, when Television was called Radio. After the all-pervasive ‘Tube came out, though, nobody thought much about Mr. Radio. He sort of crawled into the corner, pulled his antennae and dials around himself, and quietly slept. Slept, not expired.

The GameBoy was the amazement and joy of ever eight-year-old. Of course, it only had a black/white screen. And yes, there was no joystick. The games were rather small. All of these negatives disappeared beside the base that made the Boy huge. Portability.

Mr. Radio is back. He’s discovered the same magic that the GameBoy found. Of course, he’s changed his name to Mr. Internet Radio. Everyone seems to be doing Mr. Internet Radio’s dance these days. He’s even come up with a new meme: podcasting. Connect any decent mp3 player to a blog, download the podcast listing, and voila! instant radio-to-go, complete with coffee and grapes.

I cannot offer coffee or grapes on this blog, but I can offer podcasting. As soon as I get my venerable microphone, Ike, back into working shape, the radio shows shall commence. Time permitting, school dependant, and Deo Volente, of course.

As a teaser, here is a radio drama my younger sister and I started when we were young.

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