Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Despite popular belief, I am not dead. If I were dead, I could not have written the word Horticulture. As the man announced: “I think, therefore I am.”

A main reason that I’ve been quite despondent in my posting is this. Week-before-last, when performing an upgrade to the blogs, I deleted the entire website. Completely. Kaput. Irretrievable. It’s taken the past two weeks to fully recover. I got the facade back up within an hour or so. But the internal site itself… that’s another issue altogether.

I shall post this weekend while studying for a New Testament messages test. And I shall update the Tale of Wraith Daquell. Aeden just discovered reams of new information that needs to be parsed and posted ASAP.



  1. Tibz says:

    Good luck on website reconstruction. ^^

  2. Wraith Daquell says:

    Thanks! I’m sure I will need it. I’d rather be coding in C.

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