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Greek Speak

One of my classes this year (and will be for the next three semesters) is Ancient Greek. It’s incredibly different from English, relatively different from French, and slightly similar to Spanish. But the letters look weird to my American eyes. An r looks like a p. The p looks like a math symbol (π). Don’t even ask what an x looks like… something similar to spaghetti noodles thrown all over the floor (ξ).

Although most people shudder at taking languages, particulalry dead ones like Ancient Greek, I would encourage you to try one out. One of my sisters studies Spanish and another is learning Elvish. Okay… Elvish isn’t the most practical language in the world to learn. But research has shown that the more languages you learn, the easier it is to understand and learn new ones. Case in point: when I was younger I wasted (read, invested) a whole lot of time developing two languages called Palandish and Delviidan. I also studied Spanish, French, German. Consequently, Greek isn’t too hard for me.

Bottom line: take another language. It will expand your world.

Yes. It’s true.

Part III of the TALE of All the Bananas has been released! So, without further ado, I offer to you all the full TALE of All the Bananas:

  1. Part I – the TALE of All the Bananas
  2. Part II – the TALE of All the Bananas
  3. Part III – the TALE of All the Bananas

Enjoy. Only if you have way too much time on your hands.

-is a word which means improving or improved over time. For example, the chocolate I ate ameliorated my weary mind. The group of little kids I just played with ameliorated my weary nerves. The sleep I will soon partake will ameliorate my weary weariness.

Ameliorate. What will ameliorate my homesickness? Ah ah ah! Before you say going home, consider the implications. I’ll have to come back. And then… ah, I see you are beginning to understand. Then, I’ll be even more homesick than before!

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. The only amelioration I’ll get is when I reserve myself to live apart from home. Indigenous life is, after all, what separates me from those afore-mentioned little kids.

Hey! This post just ameliorated me!