Seven Little Days

Monday, August 13, 2007

They go a’flying by so fast. And yet I will not complain. This summer has been tremendously wonderful, fun-filled, action-packed, and full of nutritious fruit.

I will see what I can get done in seven little days.

  1. Finishing my first commercial product, iTeacher, is top of the list. As competing products sell for $40 a pop, this little fella has the potential to make me some cash.
  2. Second on the list is finishing recording The Boxcar Children, Part II with my sister. We’re on chapter 2 of 12. Maybe… maybe…
  3. Thirdly (which is incorrect English to use–‘third’ is preferred instead) I want to go ice-skating. To escape from the dismal heat and skate with family and friends in an icy-wonderland specked with dating couples and zambonies–Ah the thrill! I think this is first on the list, actually.

Seven little days… anything can happen.


  1. Ice-skating is fun! Despite the fact that I have only tried it once and spent some of that trip falling down. =P

    What’s iTeacher like?

  2. Wraith Daquell says:

    iTeacher is that high-school transcript generator I’ve been working on for three years. Hopefully I’ll finish it sometime before I get too old to see my screen… 😛

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