I got a B-

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Scratch that. My website got a B-. Bad website! You should be getting A’s! I hereby ground you for a month.

Apparently, if I want to market my l33t skilz and bring in loads of cash (as some people do), I’ve got to rachet up the Diggs and Redits and del.icio.us’s. So, in corrolary to the post which I never wrote, since people like articles more than blog posts, I’ll be writing more How-To’s and such mingled with my blog rantings.

But as for you: go grade your website. If you get an A, maybe we can set up some tutoring sessions.


  1. B for Birthday!! Happy Birthday Wraith. ^_^

  2. Wraith Daquell says:

    Somebody remembered! TY!

    And on that note, how did your finals go?

  3. I feel insecure about the English essay, about the whole Critical Thinking paper, am studying for Statistics tomorrow, and had a weird dream that included the psychology lecturer, who’s paper is on Saturday.
    And please do not ask about the dream. I am mortified enough. It was weird.

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