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The three most important decisions in life are, in order of complexity:

  1. Whom you will marry
  2. What you will do (occupation)
  3. What you will believe (religion)

I’m adding a fourth. But no, I’m not telling what it is. It is third on the list, bumping religion to fourth hardest to decide.

Will I, won’t I? Ah the terror of the decision. Next semester what shall I do about CCC!? Oops… I let it slip. Better stop typing and start praying.

As you might have noticed, I gave my site a much-needed makeover today. It really, really needed it. Now it looks all aqua and fishy blue-ish.

They go a’flying by so fast. And yet I will not complain. This summer has been tremendously wonderful, fun-filled, action-packed, and full of nutritious fruit.

I will see what I can get done in seven little days.

  1. Finishing my first commercial product, iTeacher, is top of the list. As competing products sell for $40 a pop, this little fella has the potential to make me some cash.
  2. Second on the list is finishing recording The Boxcar Children, Part II with my sister. We’re on chapter 2 of 12. Maybe… maybe…
  3. Thirdly (which is incorrect English to use–‘third’ is preferred instead) I want to go ice-skating. To escape from the dismal heat and skate with family and friends in an icy-wonderland specked with dating couples and zambonies–Ah the thrill! I think this is first on the list, actually.

Seven little days… anything can happen.

Straight from NITEGames, here are the Official Flashlight Tag Rules (pdf, ~300 KB).

Reading through my log files for this weblog (sure, it’s a little geeky), I saw that someone had reached this site by searching for “flashlight tag rules”. It hit me like a load of bricks that I had always talked about the rules but never actually put them online!

NITEGames was going to be a national website where teams of flashlight tag players could collaborate, swap stories and ideas, and come up with safe practices for kids who play flashlight games after dark. I didn’t see much demand for it, though, so I never put the site back up again. Instead, this blog sprung up to fill the void.

It’s got to be a teenager thing: once upon a time I thought I was wildy gifted in the way of liking and writing poetry. However, it appears that many other teenagers write poetry. But I digress.

My favorite poem of all time of its type is Rudyard Kipling’s¬†poem titled, simply, If.

Kipling may not have been a Christian, but this poem sure shines with values that are Christian and that Christians should have (though many of us don’t). So… Christians! Pay attention! Look up some Bible references that attend to the lines of this poem. Oh… forget it. I’ll do it for you: 1 Corinthians 13, Matthew 5:2-11. Now do the rest yourself.

Scratch that. My website got a B-. Bad website! You should be getting A’s! I hereby ground you for a month.

Apparently, if I want to market my l33t skilz and bring in loads of cash (as some people do), I’ve got to rachet up the Diggs and Redits and’s. So, in corrolary to the post which I never wrote, since people like articles more than blog posts, I’ll be writing more How-To’s and such mingled with my blog rantings.

But as for you: go grade your website. If you get an A, maybe we can set up some tutoring sessions.

Take a break from your busy work world and just imagine:

10:52 AM ) You have just tightened the last fastener for your backpack.

10:54 AM ) The long line of jumpers in front of you begin to pace towards the hangar.

11:14 AM ) Your plane is taxiing towards the runway.

11:57 AM ) After over a half-hour of delays, you are airborne. The trees below are smaller than the ones in your model train set.

12:37 PM ) Approaching the jump-site. Stay calm at all costs.

12:42 PM ) All jumpers to positions. Something feels odd to you. Ivan tells you it’s just pre-jumping anxiety.

12:45 PM ) Jumpers 1, 2, and 3 have leapt into thin air. You are number 14.

12:47 PM ) Three . . . Two . . . One . . .

12:47 PM ) You suddenly wish you had taken the Hawaii vacation instead.

12:48 PM ) Actually, even though they had to shove you out of the plane, falling through 12,000 feet of nothingness feels quite good.

12:52 PM ) Approaching parachute pull-time. The sick feeling is back.

12:53 PM ) Sick feeling is gone again. Replaced with absolute terror. The parachute didn’t pull.

12:55 PM ) Amidst the sobbing and flailing, your mind gives you one last sane moment. It shows you your desk, with a neatly-folded parachute on it. You put it there last night so you wouldn’t forget it this morning.

12:56 PM ) The ground is coming up fast. Extremely fast. The toy trees are getting bigger. It’s hard to tell whether the roaring in your ears or the screams coming from your throat are louder.

12:57 PM ) …

Did you wake up and realize it was only a dream, or did you hit?

Now, get back to reality and go back to work.