The duo-tri-blog

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Finally, after a solid month of twiddling thumbs–er, that is to say, programming, planning, and postulating–the tri-blog has launched. Except, one of the components of the tri hasn’t launched yet. So it’s a duo-Blog at the moment.

The blogs:

  • the Tale of Wraith Daquell
  • This blog (Spontaneous Scholar: daquell)
  • Black Skies – the log of a space-captain, yet to be released to the public

The Tale of Wraith Daquell has been in the planning stages for about two or three years now. It even (sort of) launched once, but that project failed miserably. Perhaps this venture will fare differently.

With the launch, and without the headache of coordinating the blogs’ programming, post updates will be more often. Not to mention the fact that I got my sermon out of the way… but more on that later today.

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