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I didn’t delete the post that used to be here.

My server decided to delete it for me.

So I put this one up instead.

And now, there should be no more interruptions. I’ve once again re-imaged my server computer: nixing linux, booting ubuntu, and reinstating the refreshing portal of Windows XP. My sister would be so proud…


Setting up a Linux server (http, https+ssl, php, mysql, and email server including POP3, IMAP, and SMTP) – Two Months

Setting up a Windows XP server (http, https+ssl, php, mysql, and email server including POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and a web-based administration page) – Two Days

You do the math and decide which is better. And remember… time is money…

…but installing XP in VMWare Player got me down.

And special side note: don’t think your sister will ever enjoy using Ubuntu Linux. It looks like Windows, smells like Windows, but it also runs much slower than Windows (on my machine at any rate) and doesn’t run most graphically intense websites or games (especially when you’ve got a webserver, database server, and email server running in the background).

Sorry Canonical. Ubuntu just isn’t there yet. Unfortunately, it’s free, and Windows isn’t. So why, oh why, am I installing Windows again?

Answer: A happy sister is worth the extra cost.

Unfinished Fortress of Legos

Over the past three days, I threw little plastic pieces all over my floor, spent hours stacking them up into useless structures, produced nothing of lasting value, and someday will tear them all down again. No, I haven’t lost my mind…

Reverting to my younger years, I decided to see if my old Lego-building spunk lived still. Currently, I’m building a castle. As you can see, quite a bit of work still remains. The third level of the royal family’s quarters is dangerously unsafe due to a lack of handrails. An attacking army could level the place if they tried hard enough–an entire section of one of the walls in missing (but with the help of some aborigines my youngest sister’s friend added last night, I think the premises are safe enough).

Why waste my time on such a menial project when there are yards to mow, places to see, people to meet? Simple. One day I’m going to be a dad (Deo Volente) and I’m going to have to know how to play. Play, as in doing nothing useful but having fun with my kids. As if having fun with my kids is not useful.

Sometimes I think that adults take life so seriously that they miss lots of important things. Maybe we didn’t watch enough of Mary Poppins when we were young. Or maybe we don’t remember all the times when we were the kid and our parents didn’t have time to play with us.

Guys (and gals), don’t throw away your Legos. You can get them out again when your children are old enough. More importantly, don’t throw away your ability to play.

I’ve been wrangling with an annoying Windows bug (apparently one that’s pervaded 98, 2000, XP, and even Vista).

What happens is this: you click on a mailto link… something like Contact Me… and then:

  • A message box pops up that says ‘Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed’
  • 30-70 instances of Internet Explorer open up before your very eyes
  • No email program appears, even in the distance

Thankfully, after much searching, I found the solution on Ramesh Srinivasan’s site. For me, I had to edit my registry.

Soooo, if any reader out there ever has a problem with his or her mailto links, I’d recommend taking a look-see at the aforementioned life-saver.

I have nothing against the above phrase. I just prefer that it not be used in conjunction with my name. Here’s why:

When I was young(er) we had a book about a kid named Farmer Boy, or something like that. Whatever the case, the name of the book and picture on the front cover (a boy with a mildly bored expression leaning on two joyous calfs) seemed derogatory.

Over the years, I suppose the image of Farmer Boy has ruined any prospect I have of appreciating the term Preacher Boy. I, for example, do not chew on long pieces of straw. Never have.

Regardless of my likes and dislikes, I was blessed with the opportunity to preach last Sunday. The congregation was very kind; from their comments, one would never have known that I was green, as in inexperienced, young, and a little shaky behind the pulpit. I need to grab any chance I get to preach, though. Before too long, I’ll be the owner of the pulpit and be expected to know how to use it (Deo Volente).

Finally, after a solid month of twiddling thumbs–er, that is to say, programming, planning, and postulating–the tri-blog has launched. Except, one of the components of the tri hasn’t launched yet. So it’s a duo-Blog at the moment.

The blogs:

  • the Tale of Wraith Daquell
  • This blog (Spontaneous Scholar: daquell)
  • Black Skies – the log of a space-captain, yet to be released to the public

The Tale of Wraith Daquell has been in the planning stages for about two or three years now. It even (sort of) launched once, but that project failed miserably. Perhaps this venture will fare differently.

With the launch, and without the headache of coordinating the blogs’ programming, post updates will be more often. Not to mention the fact that I got my sermon out of the way… but more on that later today.