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Yes… it’s been back for awhile. And Garrrr! Hours of last week, invested in wrangling with Ubuntu, trying to set up a low-end system as both a LAMP+Mail server and a desktop for my sisters. But anyway, now that’s all over with. Hopefully the site is a bit faster… over time it will speed up a bit more as well.

Summer has officially begun, school has officially ended, and I have officially decided not to stay up late any more. Why are you laughing!? I can do it… I can… even though I’ve never been able to resist the urge in the past… and despite the fact that it’s already past midnight. I can! I will!

Over the course of summer break, I plan to do many things, among which are taking a ministerial course (required by my college), programming a role-playing forum (all the existing ones don’t have enough features… and my college blocks them anyway), launching my CTriblog (hush-hush work in progress), gathering a small amount of muscles, gathering a medium amount of cash (hopefully), and playing as many flashlight tag games as the weather will permit. In my down-time, I’ll be reading, blogging, playing the piano, and canoing.

Well, me hearties, I’m off to get me beauty-sleep. After I do some push-ups to get the afore-mentioned muscles. And after I floss my teeth.

School is out! For the summer, at any rate. Looking back over the year, I can say that I’ve learned many DO’s and DONT’s about school:

  • DO read History before quiz time
  • DO be in your room before the curfew-bell
  • DONT do puppet shows for your ungrateful roommates
  • DONT use sock-puppets if you must do puppet shows
  • DONT expect any respect if you use sock-puppets
  • DO try caffeteria food–even if it looks weird
  • DO mix 2/3 cup of cranberry juice with 1/3 cup of orange juice
  • DONT mix 2/3 cup of grape juice with 1/3 cup of orange juice
  • DONT eat two cups of vanilla pudding

Among other things…

But anyway. The main point of this post: the server will be going down temporarily (maybe 3 days maximum) on Monday, May 7. After it comes back up, it will be much faster and more stable, and with a few extra surprises on the way… More about those when they come.