Two Buff Guys

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

As of two days ago, we were invaded by two buff guys. One of them is loopy and the other is cross-eyed Crazy Eddy.

Anyway… they’re here for the AACS competition. AACS is a time when we the college students get an easy week of classes and get to accomodate guests from all over the country. The guests are mainly high-schoolers who have won their state competitions and are going for the gold here at BJU.

Anyway – not much of a post. An epiphany struck me the other day about this blog, and I picked it up and have been carrying it around ever since (the epiphany, not the blog). So… be waiting. Much changes to come. Secret changes. You want to know these changes. Believe me. It could change the world. Or… at least this blog.


  1. My first semester of college is gone……………………. Finals finished yesterday, which sorta explains why I’ve sort of been preoccupied. It’s not a good excuse to ignore a fellow EFAWR-researcher, but it’s true… *sigh*

  2. First semester gone already? I’ll bet you’re relieved. Not only do I completely understand you’re not being able to post during the preoccupation, I sympathize.

    My finals being soon… too soon and yet too far away to even hope that they’ll ever be done with.

  3. It flew past so fast….. I still can’t believe it, almost. And my driving test will be next Monday, wheeeeeeee.

    I wish you the best of luck.
    Seventeen days… Go Wraith go!!

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