Geek Off

Monday, March 12, 2007

And I’ll try to make that the last of the geeky posts for awhile. On to better things!

Tomorrow night I am to watch the opera Rigoletto, a story about a man who makes fun of people, protects his daughter, plots against a duke, and then finds his daughter dead. I’m tempted to pass it off as a waste of time, but here at BJ they actually do really good productions. We’ve brought in some world-famous guest stars to sing the major roles, and it should be great.

I gave blood on Friday… they stuck a long needle down my arm and drained me dry. Not quite dry, though. It was pretty good, though I was terrified. Needles do weird things to my mental state. But I’m alive. And well. Hopefully. And they have a fresh bag of blood.

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