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And I’ll try to make that the last of the geeky posts for awhile. On to better things!

Tomorrow night I am to watch the opera Rigoletto, a story about a man who makes fun of people, protects his daughter, plots against a duke, and then finds his daughter dead. I’m tempted to pass it off as a waste of time, but here at BJ they actually do really good productions. We’ve brought in some world-famous guest stars to sing the major roles, and it should be great.

I gave blood on Friday… they stuck a long needle down my arm and drained me dry. Not quite dry, though. It was pretty good, though I was terrified. Needles do weird things to my mental state. But I’m alive. And well. Hopefully. And they have a fresh bag of blood.

Justin Walton of Nomadisher came up with an excellent list of good practices employers should be doing to help the geek forces (except beer parties, that is)!

After reading the above article, some may wonder: “How is it that geeks get all the preferential treatment!?” I concur, the thought crossed my mind. Why should I want something that nobody else gets? The answer, of course, is I shouldn’t. But then, I’m not. A farmer would not be unrealistic if he demanded a barn to work in, a field to mow, or a cow to milk. Neither would a bus-driver be called down for wanting a bus to drive. They all want an optimum environment. So do we, the geeks.
<end two cents’ worth>

warning: geekspeek ahead

Windows historically has not been a major contender for people who like *nix branded OS’s advanced command-line piping. It seemed that, even though two hundred different people were writing five different programs, you could string them together in long commands that actually worked! For example:

sudo aptitude install libdvdcss2 libdvdnav4 libdvdplay0 libdvdread3 totem-xine

(found at [H] Consumer – 30 Days with Linux)

Granted, that’s only two programs, sudo and aptitude, but you get my point.

However, things look like they’re starting to change! Nick White at the Windows Vista Team Blog showed a program called Start++, which utilizes the powerful integrated search engine of Microsoft’s new OS. Apparently, with some command-line stringing, Start++ can do amazing things from simple phrases typed into the Vista Search Bar, such as creating auto-playlists and playing them in Media Player automatically. Take a look!

Linux users: there is no better time to upgrade! And ahead… yes! I see an even better version of Windows, coming soon.