Thursday, February 8, 2007

I’ve been a bad blogger the past week; we’ll call the lull a hiatus and pretend it was necessary. Excuses follow:

  • blooded.jpgI’ve been tenaciously trying to keep my sword-fighting practice in moderate repair. Some passing guys saw me practicing the other night and wanted to join in — apart from the fact that they weren’t trained, we had some grand fun. It’s been a while since I’ve had blood drawn from a sword.
  • delviidan.jpgTo make classes interesting, I’m working on delviidan, which is a language started three years ago for the delviian race, of which Aeden and Dairus were part (from my role-playing game). It’s still got a long way to go: the vowels need to be re-written, as they still look too much like English, the grammar lexicon is very incomplete, and the roots of most words are as yet unformed. Still, the alphabet is all that’s needed to make other students look at you weird, as if I were some other country writing in Sanskrit.
  • I’ve been musing about The Chronicles of Narnia, which the University is showing tomorrow and Saturday. This is a big break for them, seeing as movies or TV are not allowed to be watched on campus.

Still, a busy life should not make a blog dull. Hence, I shall try to resume a fairly regular blogging schedule.


  1. Actual blood drawn by an actual sword? I’m impressed, and maybe a little envious. XD
    I seem to be able to make out words of Delviian, but my tired brain (though I refuse to sleep) keeps trying to shut down.
    Narnia, hmmmmm.

  2. Actual blood was drawn; however, the sword was only a practice sword – a shinai and a bokken.
    The delviian can be read by an astute reader of the English language – frustratingly. Hopefully the next iteration of it will be harder.
    Narnia… that holds enough weight for another post.

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