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This is a completely ridiculous (as in unintelligent) trilogy about a small gorilla who, seeking his fortune, finds more than he bargained for. His name is Horaschov.

If you have absolutely too much time on your hands, please, read and enjoy. If, however, you’re busy like I am, don’t even bother reading these. Unless, of course, you like banana trading in the village of Lindonaire, or angry bulls, or bassinets.

Part 1 – the Tale of All the Bananas (pdf)

Part 2 – the Tale of All the Bananas (pdf)

Part 3 – the Tale of All the Bananas (pdf) — still in the making.


One –
I live. That is, I’m alive. At the moment. Though some might wish I were dead soon hereafter. More about that later possibly…

Two –
I finished part two of my (insanely childish) series I started to bug my sister (and partly to convince my mind that, yes, I can think about silly things too). More about this later…

Three –
Apart from a computer exam tomorrow, two tests on Wednesday (ministerial and English), and paper due tomorrow, the week ahead is liiiiight. Compared to last semester, with English 102 and CpS 111, this is a breeze. Here’s hoping I don’t have to eat those words. There will not be more on this. Unless I change my mind. Which I’m apt to do.

Three-Point-Five –
I’m going to bed now.

While I’m tentative about releasing the full text, due to not wanting to violate copyright laws, I figured that the publishers wouldn’t mind if I put up the back cover to the book.

This is something my sister and I did for a fun project last summer. We did all the recording, mixing, and special effects.

Excerpt from The Boxcar Children – The Pizza Mystery (note to publisher: I have published this excerpt in good faith under fair use. If you would like me to remove this file, please contact me and I will do so immediately)

“Numbers do not win a battle.”
“No… but I bet they help.”
(Peter, Orios from Narnia)

Yes, I am fully aware that I’ve already reviewed Narnia. However, that is way too brief for my liking.

My University rarely shows films; we study and play sports here, and TV fades from memory. So, to see a feature film like Narnia in the thick of the semester was mind-bogglingly stunning. The effect can be likened to that received when you have eaten nothing but creamed potatoes for three months and suddenly you come upon a gaggle of fresh apple-pies, still warm from the oven. Perhaps apple pie is not the greatest food to ever darken a menu, but eating it after gagging on creamed potatoes is bliss.

The movie I gave 4.5 stars – lacking only .5 because it has too many “children’s-faces-panorama”‘s. And seeing as only immature guys with low attention spans get bored over those, it only merited a .5 demerit (no offense to any immature guys with low attention spans). The greatest attracting clincher for me is the music. At the bottom of this post is an excerpt retrieved from

One disappointing aspect of the movie is seeing so many people fighting with swords, and knowing that I’ll never be in a battle like such. Not that I want to kill anybody, particularly; nevertheless, if there were a flagrant enemy to fight, such as Osama bin Laden, I would not hesitate to annihilate. It’s sort of like karate: you don’t want to hurt anyone, but you really want to beat someone. Major paradox.

Narnia Music Excerpt
(note to mp3 owner: I have published this excerpt in good faith under fair use. If you would like me to remove this file, please contact me and I will do so immediately)

I’ve been a bad blogger the past week; we’ll call the lull a hiatus and pretend it was necessary. Excuses follow:

  • blooded.jpgI’ve been tenaciously trying to keep my sword-fighting practice in moderate repair. Some passing guys saw me practicing the other night and wanted to join in — apart from the fact that they weren’t trained, we had some grand fun. It’s been a while since I’ve had blood drawn from a sword.
  • delviidan.jpgTo make classes interesting, I’m working on delviidan, which is a language started three years ago for the delviian race, of which Aeden and Dairus were part (from my role-playing game). It’s still got a long way to go: the vowels need to be re-written, as they still look too much like English, the grammar lexicon is very incomplete, and the roots of most words are as yet unformed. Still, the alphabet is all that’s needed to make other students look at you weird, as if I were some other country writing in Sanskrit.
  • I’ve been musing about The Chronicles of Narnia, which the University is showing tomorrow and Saturday. This is a big break for them, seeing as movies or TV are not allowed to be watched on campus.

Still, a busy life should not make a blog dull. Hence, I shall try to resume a fairly regular blogging schedule.