The Case against Apple (go Microsoft!)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

What do you think of when you hear the name “Apple Computers”? Most people would think of smooth, milk-white laptops, or rounded monitors, or a desktop full of eye-candy that seems to know exactly what you want. If most people think Apple is great, how can I argue against them? Most people thought that the Titanic would never sink…

From 1976 to present, Apple Computer has presented itself as a strong alternative to Microsoft Windows. It successfully dishes out more power, more productivity, more glittery screen effects, and a higher customer-loyalty rate than does Microsoft or even Linux. So why does the population not defect in tumultuous mass?

I will liken the Macintosh computer to an island nation. The nation owns the island and is completely autonomous. All the food on the island is indigenous. While non-native citizens can settle on the island, natives are not allowed to leave upon pain of death. Communist? You bet.

In like fashion, the Macintosh is autonomous. It comes with almost every piece of software you would ever need. It runs superbly. But it remains tiny, an island in the midst of giant landmasses like Microsoft. And it will never grow, because while a Microsoft user could run Windows on a Macintosh, Apple will not let their users install OS X on any other machine but their own.

So, Apple shapes the machine hardware and cloaks it with a finely tailored OS. And it performs.

Now consider Microsoft. The big behemoth full of security blunders, dressed up with a crummy design with little-to-no eye-candy. So why am I for Microsoft and dead against Apple? Windows will run on any computer. Dell, IBM, Lenovo, and, yes, even Apple. Whereas Apple can fine-tune its OS because they know exactly what type of computer it will run on, Microsoft must make a broad appeal because theirs will run on anything. If Apple had to do the same (which they seem too scared to do), I predict that they would have more security exploits than Microsoft.

So, smug Apple user, who thinks that you’ve got a prize, remember the communist company that made it. I laugh. You are locked into a single system. You have no choice but to follow the whims of your master, Apple Computer. Now, let’s see… where was I? Oh, yes. I don’t like my HP; I think I’ll swap it for a Dell.


  1. Very good points. And now remind me never to get on your bad side. ^^

  2. I am at college and am currently mad at my Computer Principles lecturer. He has to keep bringing up “Uncle Bill” and IBM, Apple and all that stuff in each and every class. He’s bloody poisoning our minds……………………… GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  3. I deeply sympathize. Just tell yourself over and over again, “Apple=bad. Microsoft=good.” 😛

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