New Piano Music!

Friday, January 12, 2007

I went to the bookstore today to find some music, and find it I did! Since Bob Jones focuses heavily on the arts, it sells alot of music; hence, it was no surprise to find He Died For Me mp3 (published by The Lorenzo Corporation).

My home-church went on a missions trip to New York City a few summers ago, and the music team sang this song just about every day. I think they did a stellar job of it, too. What made it interesting was the piano. Originally, I had learned the song on a full upright piano. The mission-house, however, only had a 64-key mini-keyboard. So I had to rewrite the song mentally when I played it. I think their good singing drowned out any mistakes I made, though. Thankfully.


  1. Thanks! It’s quite calming to play.

  2. Must be. Now it’s my turn to utterly neglect my piano. I enjoy college, though.

    On an unrelated (or somewhat related) topic, are Apple computers commonly used in the U.S.? The way our lecturers go on about it, I feel bad for Fluffy, poor thing.

  3. Sadly, Apple Computers appear all over the country. I hate them with a passion; if I had a professor that advocated Apple, I think I would complain to the University…

    And that gives me an idea for a blog post.

  4. You should come over here, where we hardly ever see them. I should have guessed with the Windows Vista countdown thingy…. heh.

    So can you tell me some of the good points of being a Windows user to make Fluffy feel better?

  5. I’ve more focused on the bad points of being an Apple user.

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