Saturday, January 27, 2007

Some friends and I playing floor hockey.

Today marks the start of what hopefully will be a successful venture. For many years, BJU has not had hockey league; a few guys from various societies are hoping to change that.

We actually started two Saturdays ago, with the four guys shown above (and myself, of course, though I was the one holding the camera taking the picture). Since then, more and more people have shown up. I consider today the real “first,” however, because we actually had enough people for two teams: 4 vs. 4. As I left, I saw two other guys with hockey sticks playing around elsewhere… I’m hoping for a turnout of at least ten next Saturday.

And someday, ten or so years down the road, when hockey’s flourishing at BJU, the names of us, we few, we happy few, will be remembered as the trailblazers of BJ hockey.


  1. Hockey… I recall my friend saying something about balancing the ball on the back of his neck and doing pushups in regard to our secondary school hockey team. Guess you guys don’t do that. =D

  2. No, not usually. We’re more into whacking each other with the sticks and running through basketball games in our frenzy to make net a goal. 😛

  3. Running through basketball games!!!

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