Hi Ho

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

And back to school I am. Though not without hope! My countdown clocks reads T-115 days and counting.

Dorm-mate with weightsThis here is a dorm-buddy – he remains anonymous per his request. He and the other guys invaded our room tonight to kick off the year with chocolate, which we had and have in abundance.

So… praying for a good year – much learning, playing, and eating.


  1. His photo is already online; how can he be anonymous? His shoulders seem unbalanced. o_O

  2. I think he was going for the whole “punk/strong man” look, hence the unbalanced shoulders. 😛
    As for his anonymity… I guess you’re right. Though I think people would have a hard time tracking him down without sophisticated software.

    (PS Sorry that your comment didn’t show up. The silly blog thought it was spam!)

  3. Ah, okay… And it’s okay about your blog thinking my comment was spam.
    Awwww. *pats blog*

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