Better Late Than Never?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Better never late…

Tonight I almost put that theory to the test. Here I was, walking to the campus library with plans to print off tax forms, when I meet a well meaning man from Asia who didn’t speak English very well. I said “Hello,” which he followed up with “hello.” Then he said something to the extent of “did you know we have a student meeting tonight?”

I almost passed it off as a misunderstanding, until I noticed that I was the only guy not wearing a suit-coat. That usually indicates something bad. Rushing back to my room, my roommate (nicknamed Tam) told me “Howdy! You’re late!”

Needless to say, I had seven minutes until the dorm was cleared of students, in which I madly threw clothes on and off. I’m still not sure if tan, blue, red, and white all match together. Regardless, that’s what I wore!

And I made it with three minutes to spare! 😀


  1. So that means you has a near-death experience? Suit-coat??
    It depends on the shades and garments the tan, blue, red and white belong to, I think.

  2. It wasn’t quite near-death… more like near-demerit, which is similar, but more serious. For the suit-coat — we have to wear suit-coats to meetings that end after 7pm. It’s not a tedious rule. Except, of course, when someone forgets about the meeting.

    I think I was terribly mismatched when it came to dress, but people weren’t really there to look at me, anyway. Nobody bursted out laughing, at any rate. 😛

  3. ……what is a suit-coat anyway?

  4. Um, never mind. Just googled it. I did not laugh. Really.

  5. There are no suit-coats where you live?

  6. Due to the weather, I don’t think I see them often, though in true “speak-of-the-devil” fashion, I saw an African guy wearing one on one of the bits of campus.
    NB: HELP University College is a city campus, which means it’s basically disjointed bits of buildings connected by a shuttle.

  7. Where did they get the name HELP ? Does it stand for something?

  8. I’m not sure. I think that’s what students shout when it’s exam time but I’m not entirely sure. Or the principal thingy could be a Beatles fan. It happens.

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