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As some of you may have noticed, the Windows Vista countdown to the left of the screen is no longer counting down! Yes! Vista has launched, after all these long years!

For the faint of heart, I say “fear not!” It has many innovations that even Apple lovers only dream of having, such as ReadyBoost. From Microsoft’s Vista site:

Windows ReadyBoost introduces a new concept in add-on system memory. You can use nonvolatile flash memory devices, such as universal serial bus (USB) flash drives, to improve performance without having to add memory “under the hood.” The flash memory device serves as an additional memory cache–that is, memory that the computer can access much more quickly than it can access data on the hard disk drive.

This is just one of many cool features, ranging from a vastly improved user interface to lightning-fast searching.

I am getting mine (hopefully – Microsoft had better make good their promise) very soon, after which I will start a section on this blog devoted to just exploring Vista.

Finally, if you are considering buying it, and you don’t think you’ll be moving it around from computer to computer, let me recommend getting the OEM version of Vista, which, while being slightly less flexible in terms of licensing, is also about half the cost.

So, here’s to a New Vista for the computing world. To Redmond, and beyond!

Some friends and I playing floor hockey.

Today marks the start of what hopefully will be a successful venture. For many years, BJU has not had hockey league; a few guys from various societies are hoping to change that.

We actually started two Saturdays ago, with the four guys shown above (and myself, of course, though I was the one holding the camera taking the picture). Since then, more and more people have shown up. I consider today the real “first,” however, because we actually had enough people for two teams: 4 vs. 4. As I left, I saw two other guys with hockey sticks playing around elsewhere… I’m hoping for a turnout of at least ten next Saturday.

And someday, ten or so years down the road, when hockey’s flourishing at BJU, the names of us, we few, we happy few, will be remembered as the trailblazers of BJ hockey.

What do you think of when you hear the name “Apple Computers”? Most people would think of smooth, milk-white laptops, or rounded monitors, or a desktop full of eye-candy that seems to know exactly what you want. If most people think Apple is great, how can I argue against them? Most people thought that the Titanic would never sink…

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I went to the bookstore today to find some music, and find it I did! Since Bob Jones focuses heavily on the arts, it sells alot of music; hence, it was no surprise to find He Died For Me mp3 (published by The Lorenzo Corporation).

My home-church went on a missions trip to New York City a few summers ago, and the music team sang this song just about every day. I think they did a stellar job of it, too. What made it interesting was the piano. Originally, I had learned the song on a full upright piano. The mission-house, however, only had a 64-key mini-keyboard. So I had to rewrite the song mentally when I played it. I think their good singing drowned out any mistakes I made, though. Thankfully.

Better never late…

Tonight I almost put that theory to the test. Here I was, walking to the campus library with plans to print off tax forms, when I meet a well meaning man from Asia who didn’t speak English very well. I said “Hello,” which he followed up with “hello.” Then he said something to the extent of “did you know we have a student meeting tonight?”

I almost passed it off as a misunderstanding, until I noticed that I was the only guy not wearing a suit-coat. That usually indicates something bad. Rushing back to my room, my roommate (nicknamed Tam) told me “Howdy! You’re late!”

Needless to say, I had seven minutes until the dorm was cleared of students, in which I madly threw clothes on and off. I’m still not sure if tan, blue, red, and white all match together. Regardless, that’s what I wore!

And I made it with three minutes to spare! 😀

And back to school I am. Though not without hope! My countdown clocks reads T-115 days and counting.

Dorm-mate with weightsThis here is a dorm-buddy – he remains anonymous per his request. He and the other guys invaded our room tonight to kick off the year with chocolate, which we had and have in abundance.

So… praying for a good year – much learning, playing, and eating.

…to going back to school.

Today I took my official “school absence” from The UPS Store. I work over there remotely as a graphics artist and IT consultant throughout the school year, and over the various holidays I work in the store as a packing expert and sales clerk.

So, one step closer to leaving. Until then… what can Brown do for you?