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This would be it. The last post on this blog. I’ve waited for this moment for two years and at the same time wished it would never come. Goodbye to all; farewell, and all that jazz. I have officially disappeared and will never post nor comment here again.

But if you ever find a Wraith Daquell on the internet, you can be most sure it’s me, and drop me line please! Remember,
there is only one Daquell.

This is actually not the official end. The end end will come August 20, when all of my public email addresses, screennames, instant messenger accounts, and sock monkeys will be de-activated to comply with Bob Jones standards. I suppose I’ll have to post then to instantiate my invisibleness.

For now, this post describes the end of our vacation. We traveled north to Pennsylvania where we were inundated with history galore. We saw the Liberty Bell, the Centennial Bell, the place where Ben Gates ran away from some evil henchman, and the grave of Benjamin Franklin.

We also visited King’s Dominion in Virginia. What a place! I generally cannot stand amusement parks; it’s really great to be with your family, but when I was younger I couldn’t stomach most rides, so it was generally a time when I sat and watched the others ride. Now, however, I appear to be cured and henceforth rode the ‘coasters and twisters and scramblers all day. The park was the best out of six days of vacation. We even got Mom on a roller-coaster, and she would have enjoyed it if she hadn’t sprained (or cracked… we haven’t gotten x-rays yet) a few ribs due to an overly-tight restraint.

If you have any last minute tips, tricks, advice, condolences, insults, or pizza, this will be your last chance to post them. So…. until The End on August 21, g’night.