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Last week our church hosted Vacation Bible School for the younger children, and what a great time we had. Pastor put me over the game time; wild director + wild children + 40 minutes = noise, fun, and noise. I almost lost my voice the first night.

My former Kenjutsu (the Art of the Sword) instructor presided as the main teacher. He left the martial arts to go into evangelism last year and apparently is doing quite well. On the last day, Friday, he and I did a demonstration for the kids. Actually, he did the demonstration. I just held the watermelon on my stomach as he chopped it in two. Mom refused to watch and the girls hid behind her back. But I lived and have only a small red mark to prove for my troubles.

For the past two weeks I’ve been off of work due to some leg surgery. It was nice getting to sit around all day, specifically sitting at the computer getting to program. Incidentally, my dream-child iTeacher will be coming out in a few weeks. It’s a full transcript maker/designer for homeschoolers and commercial schools. If you are a homeschooler and don’t want to shell out US$40 for Transcript Pro, write me. Please. I want to work with you. But more on that later.

Finally, in gearing up for college, I’ll be abandoning Reckless Abandon. Never fear, however, for I shall start a new blog and drop my alias and all. I’ll be a real person when I turn 18 after all – recognized by the government, ready to drive… eligible for the draft… able to serve time in a real prison… maybe I’ll stay a minor after all. 😛

Have a good day and I’ll report back on (or near) the 4th of August.

10-4 – Daquell