Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yesterday we got together with my favorite family from our church and had a cookout/pool party. I didn’t swim though; I just shot my sisters and their friends with a water-gun from the side of the pool. We all had a great time, especially after my older sister (who also wasn’t going to swim) fell into the pool with her clothes on. Go figure…

Unfortunately, the rest of the week will not be a swimming success: I’m scheduled to have my wisdom teeth extracted on Friday. While I’ve always liked the taste of blood (like after biting through my tongue), the thought of tasting it for two days strait is already making me nauseous. But Que Sera Sera. The surgery will only have to be done once, and after that comes ice cream.
I lived! Apart from a violent, blood-filled coughing fit that happened just after all my attendants left the room, the situation has been good: ice cream, sherbet, pudding…. the works.

While I break my workfest for a few days following the surgery, I’ll be doing some more work on Nitegames. The rules need a major overhaul; I updated them last month with a few pending tweaks, but they could use a slight rewrite. The entire site has failed somewhat due to my lack of a proper server; perhaps I can persuade the bigwigs down at Bob Jones to lend me some campus server space. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully….. maybe they’ll accept a bribe.

Until next time – don’t take any wooden nickels.

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