My Life as a Bulleted List

Friday, April 14, 2006

Or, more appropriately, a small segment of my life presented in the list style, abbreviated to subtitles and paragraphs in explanation covering the period between March 14 and April 14, year 2006.

  • Work
    I believe my boss has figured out the growing tensions between my co-worker with, er, ‘happy’ identity issues and myself, because she temporarily transferred me to another UPS location this week. It’s been bliss. Last week, the Lord gave me the opportunity to quote Romans 1:27-28 to the said co-worker… I can only say it silenced him for a little while.

  • School
    Nearing the end of my last year of school, today I had my graduation pictures taken. They really are quite dreadful things, to have taken and to see. I didn’t mind wearing the suit, not at all. That was good, really. But when I had to wear the graduation dress gown, things began to go downhill. I might add at this point that the gown is really my sister’s, who happens to be about nine inches shorter than I am. Needless to say, the event was mortifying — in a happy sort of way.

  • Play
    My youngest sister got a Nintendo controller in the last month, and we’ve been training her in the art of Super Smash Brothers. It’s not uncommon, as she walks through the house, to see her go into a fighter stance and say “Yeah… GOTCHA!” Kids these days…

  • What I’m Holding in My Left Hand

Today, we’re in Virginia to visiting some long-lost relatives (long-lost in the near-lost since of the word: we saw them a few months ago). Tonight, I shall study a new type of encryption cipher which shows to be promising for protecting NITEGames users’ chat information. And thus said, I shall post and be done with a too-long post.

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