Archive for March 2006

Not including this one, there will be only six posts more for this blog. As some of you know, I had considered killing it sooner, but instead it will have a prolonged longevity. Due to popular demand, the post dates are listed below.

  1. April 14th
  2. May 5th
  3. May 30th
  4. June 23rd
  5. July 18th
  6. August 4th

There will be no intermittent posts, nor any less than stated above.

The main reason for this is consolidation. Due to a fairly large web-presence, inhabited by aliases and inhibited therein, I’m starting to feel like multiple people and am practically flying apart. So, for now, my keyword is consolidation. Any form of web-presence, be it message-board, forum, blog, etc, except work-related, I’m pretty much destroying (can anybody tell that I’ve been reading Shakespeare?). So… until April 14th… 10-4.