Dear Google:

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

I give every project of yours five stars. There is nobody happier, more committed, or more enthusiastic about your products than I.

However, the idea of a Linux distribution branded with your name sends chills up my spine. There are countless distributions of Linux, ranging from professional to ludicrous. I fear that your endeavour would only be a drop in the bucket.

Furthermore, if your plans for OS domination succeeded (even though I would consider your current accomplishments a fine success), the world would be shaken. If Windows goes, computers will also go. Two OS’s cannot coincide peacefully; either Windows or your offering will rise, and the other will fail. If yours fails, it will be the first of Google to lose; if Windows falls, the unimaginable will happen. A patchwork-quilt of mis-knit OS’s, a petty collection of warlords and their followers.


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