A Dull Pencil Retains More Than The Sharpest Mind

Friday, February 3, 2006

Continuing my dreadful postings of my life (it just hit me… a blog is all about me; like somebody would want to read that!), I’m starting two more blogs to diversify, creating a grand total of six blogs (two of which are private corporate blogs, which will be released to the public some time after March 2). One of the new blogs will be a list of developments towards the release of the new NITEGames website, and the other will be an attempt to document and expound on every verse in the Bible, KJV.

The NITEGames blog will be located at http://nitegamesdev.blogspot.com/.
The Bible documentary will be located elsewhere, but I haven’t set it up yet.

As a side note, we had apple pie tonight. It was a winner of the day!

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