10 Days Is Too Long

Saturday, February 25, 2006

But that is all behind us.

Whew, what a great ten days it was! In the past week and a half or so, we’ve almost squashed a dog, woke the neighbourhood screaming, set a time for my graduation, and on and on the list goes.

The dog we almost ran down is a very lucky beast. We were trolling down a state route in the van when here he comes barrelling out into our intersection. He missed being hit by a speeding car, dodging by only a few inches. He never saw the SUV… but then, it only rolled him around and didn’t run over him directly with a tyre. Evidently, the dog was in a lot of pain because he sat in the middle of the intersection and yelped. We slowed as we went through, which he took as a good opportunity to run under our vehicle. Of course we stopped, and mom opened the door to see where he was.

The dog was off-white, about the height of a small aquarium, and he smelled like he hadn’t been washed since he was born. I’ll refer to him as Charles. Anyway, Charles thrust himself up through the open door, over the gas-pedal (which took us for a little frightening ride), and down to lay at my feet. He just lay there, staring up at me with anguish. The van was full of kids (we were going to a local church function for kids), and naturally they all were yelling.

By this time, the person who had hit Charles had stopped and come over. He and a lady took the dog out of the car and we drove on to the church. I think Charles’ll do alright… I hope so, anyway. And perhaps he’ll come out of this a little wiser.

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