One step closer

Monday, January 9, 2006

I got my college acceptance letter a few days ago. Now begins the fun work of spending all that cash that’s been saved over the past years of my life. First off, I think I shall buy a pack of Skittles.

For the entire length of my growing-up years, I had planned on becoming a computer programmer. All of my efforts and everything I did pretty much was tailored for that sort of profession. This year, though, I think I’m being called into the ministry; if that’s where God wants me, I’m there. It’s sort of tough, though, being in the bookstore in the computer section and seeing how much I don’t have to learn… kind of like having a book of dreams that catches on fire. In a thousand years, however, which will be more important: Daquell, the computer programmer, or Daquell, the servant of God?

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