A Question of Correctness

Friday, January 20, 2006

A few days back, a friend of mine at work advised me to do something, which I did (he’s higher than me on the totem-pole, so not following his ‘advice’ would likely get me in trouble.)
So, we come to the next day; my boss approaches and wants to know why I did what I did. So, do I do the ‘right thing’ and get my friend in trouble, or do I do the ‘white-knight’ thing and get myself in trouble?

I did the paladin, white-knight option. Net result: I get to go into work on my off-day to fix my ‘problem’.

So my first question: Is it ever right to not tell the entire story (not lie, but not put the blame on someone else if it can go on you) to get someone else out of trouble?

The prologue ends quite nicely, though. There was some paperwork I needed to get from my boss, and I wouldn’t be able to get it until I came in to work again. So, when I fixed the problem (a very easy fix), I got the paperwork (a result of much prayer and intervention by God).

Second question: Has anyone seen my pet spider? He’s missing…

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